Our Technology

Medical Study
Here at DiaWater, our production process relies on the use of advanced magnetization technology designed to remove hydrogen and deuterium from the water molecules, and substituting these elements with rich and pure oxygen.

The Approach

We take pure, naturally structured living water and separate the deuterium rich and deuterium poor molecules from one other through an artificial process that mimics the natural processes of evaporation, condensation, and rain.

Under a scientific and precisely calculated process that takes into account time, temperature, pressure, humidity, and room specifications, we heat the contained water to produce water vapors that rise to the top of the space and rain down from above. This process is always ongoing and virtually permanent.
From there, we’re able to acquire an exchange of different water molecule isotopes, which allows us to physically extract the hydrogen atom from each isotope, effectively separating heavy (deuterium rich) and light (deuterium poor) water molecules. From there, we’re able to rearrange the deuterium poor water molecules to ensure that they remain separated from the heavy, hydrogen-rich molecules.

This technology is essentially used to imitate the exact same process of magnetization that occurs in places like Antarctica and high mountains where glacial water is found. Under tremendous pressure and unimaginable temperature conditions, this process occurs naturally in the world, leaving the purest, freshest, most oxygen-rich untouched water that the world has ever seen.

The DiaWater Process

While we are unable to simply leverage nature’s own process, DiaWater has used technology to mimic the same effects. Our process works to effectively reduce deuterium water molecules in a way that it promotes the stability of these new hexagonal water structures, which positively impact our health in a variety of different ways.

With DiaWater, you’re not just drinking water – you’re drinking the purest water on the planet.

The Benefits of Hexagonal Water

• Promotes A Longer Life
• Prevents Chronic Dehydration
• Helps To Efficiently Move Nutrients Around The Body
• Improves Cell Absorption Rate
• Detoxifies The Body
• Supports The Immune System
• Increases Energy
• Improves Concentration
• Aids In Sleeping
• Promotes Weight Loss
• Decreases Blood Glucose Levels
• Supports Diabetes
• Improves Blood Circulation
• Aids In Digestion


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