#1 Who are you?

We at DiaWater are passionate about helping people realise the importance of adequate
hydration with the right type of water. Our wish is that people can lead healthier and happier
lives and we hope to contribute greatly by providing them with the opportunity to ensure they
have easy access to the healthier alternative to everyday drinking water.
Arthur Tränkle is the entrepreneur who founded DiaWater. After years of experimenting with
how the different energies, frequencies and vibrations around us affect the human body at
cellular level, Arthur became interested in water revitalization. This led to the birth of
DiaWater, the structured hexagonal water that will restore, rejuvenate and revitalize your

#2 What is ‘deuterium’ and how is it linked to water?

Deuterium is the so-called ‘heavy’ water. Its specific properties deem it slightly toxic and less
soluble. The latter means that it is not as efficient in transporting nutrients and ridding the
body of toxins, which results in diminished cell purification and increased risk of

#3 What is deuterium depleted water?

Deuterium depleted water i.e. ‘light water’ is water in which the deuterium content has been
reduced. Deuterium is also known as the ‘bad’ hydrogen isotope, which is present in
naturally occurring water, regardless of how clean we consider it. The average parts per
million (ppm) of deuterium in regular spring or mineral water are 150 ppm, which means that
1 out of 6000 hydrogen atoms is deuterium. On the other end of the spectrum, deuterium
depleted water has 25-125 ppm of deuterium. DiaWater has 85 ppm!

#4 Why should I drink DiaWater?

Keeping hydrated is a crucial part of every person’s wellbeing, but water can also be a great
catalyst to regaining your health. Therefore, we at DiaWater are so passionate about
ensuring every human being has the chance to have access to and take advantage of the
best possible source of hydration - deuterium depleted water. Unlike regular drinking water,
DiaWater has many benefits that promote health and help the human body regain its optimal
shape even when ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol
levels and many others are present.

#5 What’s different between DiaWater and regular drinking water?

The first thing to bear in mind is that unlike regular water, DiaWater is structured hexagonal
water. What this means is that If you break down the regular water (H 2 O) to its molecular
level, you’ll see that it has has 2 hydrogen atoms (H) and 1 oxygen (O) atom that are
attracted to each other forming a bulky ‘macro cluster’ which finds it challenging to get into
the cells of the human body.
Hexagonal water (i.e. DiaWater) on the other hand (H3O2), has 3 hydrogen and 2 oxygen
atoms in its molecule. Due to this chemical formula it has a unique hexagonal shape, which
stacks in the body’s cells like a honeycomb so the cells become three times more energy
and heat efficient. This allows the ‘structured’ or ‘hexagonal’ water to enter the body’s cells
more efficiently and dramatically improves the functioning of the body.

#6 Why is my health at risk?

Smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, severe obesity and elevated cholesterol levers are
amongst the most common health risk factors in modern society. Just in the US alone,
780,000 people die from conditions related to these risk factors every year, while in
Germany the figure is 340,000. Just by changing one simple thing in your daily routine - the
type of water you drink, from regular to DiaWater, can significantly reduce the risk to your
body and promote good health.

#7 Why is water so important for my body?

70% of the human body is made of water whilst 99% of the molecules in the human body are
water molecules. In addition, 90% of the human brain is water. To survive and thrive as a
human you need to keep your water balance at its optimal level.

#8 How can DiaWater help me mitigate the health risks related to modern life?

These are just a few of many examples to demonstrate how regular consumption of
DiaWater can have a beneficial effect for your body and ward of many of the health risks
associated with modern life:
- Pronounced hypoglycemic effect which lowers your blood sugar levels;
- strong hypotensive effect which lowers blood pressure;
- improved metabolic processing of fat;
- improved adiposity conditions and reduction of the proportion of fat mass in your
- reduction in triglycerides, LDL and cholesterol levels;
- normalization of the elastase inhibitor system;
- improvement in the flow properties of the blood
- reduction of the clumping of red blood cells

#9 Why is it so important that there is extra oxygen in the DiaWater molecular structure?

It’s a well known scientific fact that bacteria, viruses and fungi thrive in an oxygen-depleted
environment, causing many illnesses and health problems. When you drink the
oxygen-enriched DiaWater, you deliver more oxygen to your tissues so you prevent the
microorganisms causing ill health from attacking your body.

#10 What is the life expectancy that DiaWater can help me achieve?

DiaWater offers a multitude of benefits for our metabolism and it affects the way cells and
cell organelles (especially mitochondria) function. As a result of the presence of free
delocalized electrons DiaWater reduces oxidation to a very high level and neutralizes free
radicals acting as an extremely potent antioxidant. Thus, by eradicating free radicals,
DiaWater helps slow the ageing process, significantly increasing life expectancy.

#11 Where did the idea about deuterium reduced water come from?

It was back in the 1960s that Dr Flanagan researched the ‘Hunza water’ or ‘live water’
(glacial water from the mountainous regions of North Pakistan). It was noted that it had
special properties such as lower freezing point and lower surface tension. Research also
concluded that the water was very similar to the one surrounding human cells which leads to
better cellular hydration and improved nutrient absorption. Deuterium depleted water was
also used to prepare Sovie cosmonauts for the extreme and hostile conditions of being on
board a spacecraft.

#12 What is the technology applied to produce DiaWater?

We use our patented production process, by which we manage to significantly reduce the
cost of manufacturing. By applying advanced magnetizaiton technology, we remove
hydrogen and deuterium and replace them with pure rich oxygen. We mimic the natural
processes in nature to deliver to you the purest water on the planet.

#13 How can I stay up-to-date on news about DiaWater and its benefits?

If you want to stay informed and receive regular updates from us, please scroll to the bottom
of every page on our website and subscribe to our Newsletter. We will only deliver
hand-picked useful information and relevant research related to deuterium depleted
(hexagonal structured) water.

#14 What are the specific health conditions or areas or other health factors that DiaWater can help improve?

The following is a list of some, but not all, the conditions and health factors that DiaWater
can influence beneficially:
- Diabetes Type I and Type II - due to its strong hypoglycemic effect it lowers the blood
sugar levels;
- High Blood Pressure - the DiaWater hypotensive effect lowers blood pressure;
- Blood fat & Metabolism Issues- improves fat metabolism and adiposity conditions,
which means lower fat mass proportion in the body;
- High Cholesterol - the water reduces LDL and triglyceride levels
- Vitality and Life expectancy

#15 I buy and consume only clean spring or mineral water - isn’t this pure enough and good enough for my body?

The thing is that even what is presented to us as ‘pure’ and ‘clean’ water from natural
sources, still contains at 120 ppm (parts per million) of deuterium. Deuterium occurs naturally
and is the heavier isotope of hydrogen (H), one of the two atoms that form the water
molecule H 2 O. It contains a neutron, alongside its proton, which more or less doubles the
mass of the hydrogen atom.
In comparison, when we make DiaWater we reduce the deuterium down to 85 ppm.

#16 How long can the DiaWater preserve its qualities for?

Our oxygen-rich deuterium depleted water can stay at room temperature and after you have
opened the bottle for at least 1 year and still preserve its hexagonal structure which
promotes superb benefits for your health and the correct functioning of your body. No other
product in the market can make a similar claim as competitors’ waters usually disintegrate
after 2-7 days after production so none of them can offer bottled hexagonal water.

#17 Is DiaWater safe?

DiaWater is totally safe and cannot cause you any harm. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or
toxins and neither are any chemicals used during the process of deuterium depletion. Since
clinical trials began in the 1980’s there haven’t been any cases with adverse effects


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