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What Is Deuterium and How it Hurts Our Bodies

Did you know that there’s more than one kind of hydrogen? There are actually three different types, which means that your drinking water may not be quite as clear cut as you think it is. You need ordinary water to live–it’s a basic fact of life. But if you swap out the usual version of […]

Is Deuterium Depleted Water Good for You? 7 DDW Health Benefits

The adult human body is 60% water . We need water to survive, and even a small depletion in our water supply has detrimental effects on our health. But what if we said that the water you drink isn’t exactly as clear-cut as you think? Here, we’re exploring deuterium, a close cousin of the water […]

What is Deuterium Poor Water - Light Water vs Heavy Water

What if we told you that your drinking water isn’t necessarily just water? Turns out, there’s a lot more in your tap water than just plain old H2O, as the Flint water crisis showed a few years ago. But even if you do have clean drinking water, that H2O isn’t quite as straightforward as you […]


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