About Us

DiaWater is a hexagonal deuterium reduced water specifically designed to mimic the natural magnetization process that only the world’s most purest water molecules undergo. Oftentimes, these water molecules are impossible to come by at their purest state, because they are only found in areas with a high magnetic pull, such as the Earth’s poles. In addition, these molecules are often already contaminated before we’re able to fully take advance of their oxygen-rich structure.

Thanks to tremendous innovation and advancement in technology, DiaWater offers the world’s first hexagonal deuterium reduced water that matches the un-contaminated purity only found in water molecules beneath the massive ice sheets of Antarctica.

Our Mission

At DiaWater, our mission is simple – we’re passionate about promoting the health of every single person who walks this Earth. We understand just how valuable clean, toxin-free, un-contaminated water can be, and how unlikely it is to be found in today’s world. For that very reason, we continue to create, innovate, and advance our technologies to ensure that we can offer the most pure man-made hexagonal deuterium reduced water available specifically designed to provide each user with advanced hydration that promotes overall health.

Our Founder

DiaWater was founded by entrepreneur, author, speaker, researcher, and developer, Arthur Tränkle. For multiple decades, Arthur has worked, researched, and experimented with the different ways in which the frequencies, energies, and vibrations found in the world around us effect our human cells. His intense rigor has led him to further explore the areas of water revitalization and hydration, and ultimately, DiaWater.

Considered an expert on Tesla and Lakhovsky, Arthur continues to research the different components of water, including the concepts of absolute purity, hexagonality, and the production of deuterium poor water. Understanding just how powerful water that contains a low content of heavy hydrogen is, Arthur continues to use advanced technologies to magnetize water and ensure that it remains oxygen-rich and deuterium poor.


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