Healthier Water & A Healthier Life

When it comes to your health, nothing can be more important than ensuring that your hydration process is safe, clean, and most importantly, effective.

Thanks to DiaWater, you can reap the benefits of advanced hydration designed to mimic the exact effects that nature’s most coldest environments have on water molecules to bring forth a new type of hydration that protects your body from diseases and other issues.


How exactly is DiaWater different from normal drinking water? DiaWater is considered hexagonal deuterium reduced water. In other words, DiaWater is structured, magnetized water. This means that strong magnetic forces have impacted the molecules that make up each drop of water, consequently reducing their size and rearranging its structure into a hexagonal cluster.

Now, why is this important? It’s important because hexagonal water molecules are virtually exact copies of water molecules that haven’t been contaminated with some sort of human process. And in today’s world, those molecules are quite difficult to come by.

Instead, what you’re left with is the purest man-made water available in the world today – nearly as pure as the water molecules that undergo magnetization right in the heart of Antarctica, just above the Earth’s natural pole.

How Does Hexagonal Deuterium Reduced Water Support Health?

In addition to its contamination-free level of purity, hexagonal water molecules actually contain a higher rate of penetration into human cells, while being able to carry much more oxygen than your typical drinking water.

When it comes to your health, oxygen-rich water that penetrates our cells more effectively and more efficiently serves to ward off bacteria, fungi, and other viruses that thrive in areas that lack oxygen. Instead, your body will be filled with the oxygen-rich hydration that it craves.

Hexagonal Deuterium Reduced Water can help to mitigate risk for:

Heart Disease
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure

And More!

It’s time to learn more about DiaWater.

Where does the idea come from that deuterium reduced water has a positive effect on health?

Where does the idea come from that deuterium reduced water has a positive effect on health?

Deuterium reduction in water was first detected in "Hunza Water" studies. Later it was used with great success to prepare cosmonauts for their space flights. During their space flights, the cosmonauts are exposed to extreme, hostile conditions – there is no gravity, there is no protection by the atmosphere from cosmic rays, there is no regulating Schumann frequency, etc.

As a result, all Russian Cosmonauts up to Yuri Gagarin, unfortunately, did not return alive.

Appropriate nutrition, oxygen training and especially drinking water were the solution to continue the space missions.

Although we have all this knowledge today, deuterium reduced water was not available on the market at affordable prices until today. The production costs of about 200 USD per liter were simply too high. We have succeeded in significantly reducing the cost of producing deuterium reduced water by using a new, patented production process.










Diawater has a pronounced hypoglycemic effect which lowers your blood sugar levels
Diawater has strong hypotensive effects which results in a lowering of blood pressure
Diawater improves fat metabolism and adiposity conditions and reduces the proportion of fat mass in the body
Diawater reduces triglyceride, LDL and cholesterol levels
Diawater leads to normalization of the elastase inhibitor system
Diawater improves the flow properties of the blood
Diawater reduces the clumping of red blood cells)


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